Expressin’ Ourselves at the Newseum

March 19, 2011

Express Yourself is a section of the Newseum that helps kids express themselves and their passion for Girl Scouts. I made a shirt with my name across the top and I put Troop 574 on it. I also made a button that says that. My bumper sticker says “Girls Rule”.

News Reporter on level 2 of the Newseum has a place where kids can imagine themselves being on T.V.

Covering Katrina on level 6 has news about the great hurricane that wiped out hundreds and thousands of houses and homes. It was very sad. – Jasmine, Junior Girl Scout

Classy ladies!

Making bumper stickers that express what we think!

Marisa searches for clues as an investigative report.

Girl Scouts Together

February 19, 2011

DC Girl Scout Service Unit 42-3 hosted the 2011 Thinking Day International Festival.


Reinventing Snow White

February 11, 2011

A part of the Girl Scout Journey It’s Your Story – Tell it!, our Brownie Girl Scouts reinvented the fairy tale Snow White.

Let’s Move!

February 10, 2011

Aliyah and mom before the live streaming event.

During the Healthy Living Town Hall we had healthy food before the convention.  We went inside and got a seat and there was a badge in the seat. Then we talked about healthy food and healthy living. Then we went into our groups. Then we made a snack.  It had granola and fruit cocktail and yogurt. We did zumba and we learned how to plant without soil. – Aliyah, Junior Girl Scout

Girl Scout Sashes – Now We’re Official!

December 10, 2010

When we got our sashes and cookie try it award and our troop number 574. Also, singing patch, Girl Scout investiture and, a cookie button that says It’s Cookie Time. – Diamonique, Brownie Girl Scout

We already know the Girl Scout Promise and most of the Girl Scout Law!

It was the girls and parents first investiture ceremony. “Investiture” means we got “vests.”

Shadeana was at the front of the Daisy line for getting badges.

Cookie College Graduates Celebrate with DC Cupcakes

December 4, 2010

We had eight Juniors and Brownies to Cookie College where they learned about marketing, safety, and most important, product testing! They earned the Cookie Connection badge and even a spotlight on the DC Cupcakes TV show filming on site.

We made posters for our cookie booths.

Esha plays the part of a reluctant buyer.

At Cookie College I had a lot of fun. I learned the proper way to sell Girl Scout cookies. Not only did I learn to sell cookies I also met other girl scouts. When I met the other troops I felt like they were really my sisters and I could be myself. Also at Cookie College I got to taste cupcake, I did arts and crafts, role playing, and much more. Going to girl scouts paid off because I sold almost 300 boxes of cookies. I love girl scouts and I loved Cookie College. – Ciara, Junior Girl Scout

We made commercials with Ms. Samoas and Ms. Thin Mint.

Nia with her graduation cap.

Responsible for what I say and do

November 19, 2010

In hopes of giving more attention to the girls we divided into three groups: Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors. Elizabeth led the Daisies lots of active songs and talked about how to be responsible. Candace helped the Brownies complete their Girl Scout Ways Try-it: with a skip about the Girl Scout Law and preparing s’mores for snack.

Daisies dancing!

I helped the Junior start on their Business-Wise Badge. We create a business plan for action for an imaginary company we would like to run. There was a dog walking service called “A Walk in the Park” (a future marketing guru?); a clothing donation distributor (a future non-profit leader?); a car washing business (a future business leader?). I look forward to seeing the advertisements they bring to the next meeting!

Alas, this is Elizabeth’s last week of scouting. The girls made her a card and she shared her last “Good night, girl scouts.”

Goodbyes for Elizabeth!

Courageous and Strong

November 12, 2010

This week we started with a corners game by asking the girls how they would respond to certain situations. Sometimes we will be courageous and sometimes will blend in. Next, we drew larger picture of ourselves on poster paper. We labeled each part of the body with words or a picture of how we were strong. each girl share something she created on her picture. It was difficult to get the Daisies to listen for that long. (We are learning!)

Marisa shares that her arms are strong when she forgives with a hug.

The floors are covered!

Janiyah's brain is strong because she thinks a lot!

Gathered 'round the last presentation.

Considerate and Caring

November 5, 2010

Seventeen girl march in the door! We spend this week singing songs (led by the ever talented Elizabeth) and create holiday cards for soldiers overseas who will not get to celebrate the holidays with their families. The girls were very creative with their cards. They wished a Happy Valentine’s day with lots of hearts; Merry Christmas with candy canes and decorated trees. Some girls even created 3-D cards that could stand up on their own! We hope this brings a smile to our heroes abroad.

Our cards for the Holiday Mail for Heroes campaign.

Friendly and Helpful

October 22, 2010

We are up to thirteen girls. Lots of Daisies and Juniors — but where are the Brownies?

Elizabeth’s Girl Guide Brownie co-leader, Melissa, was visiting from Canada and joined us for this meeting. We laughed our way through “The Brownie Story.” By the middle of the story all the girls were hooting and flapping their “wings” when I said “owl.”

The all girls made Brownie swaps for their scouting sisters (and one for themselves). I’ll have to find a picture. The girls colored a cutout of the brownie symbol. We laminated, punched holes, and clipped a safety pin.

Our Brownie Swaps

Melissa shared girl guide songs with lots of motions. We have to keep it moving. And then, she brought out the box of Girl Guide Cookies! Now we are getting excited for Girl Scout cookie season. (Starts December 20th!)

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